William Brock

Photography should tell a story.

Portraits of Hope


Pictures tell stories, and photography should capture the moments and people that make life so special. In June 2012 I published Portraits of Hope, a collection of portraits of, and essays from, survivors of blood cancers, you can read about it on the Portraits of Hope website. All the proceed from my book are for the benefit of the Fund for Education and Research into Blood Cancers. You can reach me at will@williambrockphoto.com, or 514-979-6438.

Contrary to what we sometimes believe, blood cancers don’t always have the last word. This book is the living proof. It features portraits of those who have prevailed in their fight against these diseases, and those who have accompanied them: the donors, as well as the doctors, nurses and researchers of Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital of Montréal, Québec, a world leader in the treatment of blood cancers. Visit Portraits of Hope website to learn more.

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